Pilates Caloundra

Pilates class Every Thursday at 6 am

Instructed by Robyn Cromb

Strengthen your core from the inside out in our Pilates Powerhouse class. This 60-minute mat class focuses on awakening and activating the deep stabilising muscles of your body’s core powerhouse – the muscles of the abdominals, back, hips and pelvic floor.

The powerhouse is the key to having a strong, stable center from which all movement originates. By targeting these deep intrinsic core muscles, you’ll improve posture, balance and functional strength for daily activities and sports performance.

Using precise Pilates exercises and concentrated breathing patterns, our certified instructors will take you through a series of controlled, flowing movements designed to:

– Activate the transversus abdominis – the deepest abdominal muscles that cinch the waistline
– Engage the multifidus muscles along the spine for vital core stability
– Fire up the pelvic floor muscles for a solid base of support
– Strengthen the deep hip muscles like the obturator internus for hip stability

No jerky, jarring movements allowed. Just slow, thoughtful exercises using breath control to initiate the movement from your deepest core muscles. You’ll feel taller, stronger, and more centered from the inside out.

Pilates builds core strength without bulky size so you’ll move with more ease and look sleek and toned. 

Pilates Caloundra
Robyn Cromb - Pilates Instructor
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