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WattFit Boxing Timetable

Boxing Conditioning – Mondays & Thursdays

Instructed by Jacob Watson

Get an intense full-body workout with our Boxing Conditioning class. This high-energy session combines boxing techniques with strength training and cardio drills for a challenging and rewarding fitness experience.

Each 60-minute class is structured to keep you engaged from start to finish. You’ll begin with a good warm-up to prepare your body. Then get into rounds of:

Boxing Combinations
Learn proper boxing techniques as you throw punches like jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts. This cardio-intensive segment strengthens your body while releasing stress.

Pyramid Strength Training
Using just your own body weight, these pyramid-style rounds increase and decrease the number of reps for exercises like pushups, squats, and sit-ups. You’ll feel the burn as you build muscular strength and endurance.

Core Conditioning
A strong core is essential for boxers. Get your abs fired up with a variety of core-focused exercises such as planks, crunches, and leg raises to sculpt and strengthen your midsection.

High-Intensity Cardio Intervals
From jumping jacks to high knees to burpees, these fast-paced cardio blasts will elevate your heart rate throughout the class.

Our expert instructor provides guidance, motivation, and feedback to ensure you maintain proper form. This dynamic boxing-inspired workout improves cardiovascular fitness, burns fat and builds lean muscle.

No prior boxing experience is necessary! Simply bring a water bottle and a positive mindset ready to work hard and have fun.

Jacob Watson punching a heavy bag
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