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At WattFit, we believe fitness should be accessible to everyone, regardless of your age or athletic abilities. That’s why we offer an unbeatable selection of workout classes to suit any lifestyle and fitness goal. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your wellness journey, you’ll find classes that inspire you to push yourself while having fun.

WattFit Timetable

WattFit Timetable

WattFit Membership Options

WattFit Membership Options

WattFit Sessions

A mix of combos, pyramids, abs and cardio rounds to get your heart racing and build boxing foundations using pads and gloves.


Circuit sessions are a fast paced workout and add lots of variety with a mix of strength and cardio stations with short rest periods throughout. This session is guaranteed to make you sweat.


Smash is a mix of boxing and weights that is designed to test your coordination on the pads and gloves while mixing in some strength rounds to test your power.

Take time out to calm the mind, connect with your breath and nourish the body through gentle movement. Regular yoga practice builds strength, flexibility and balance. Yoga greatly compliments your fitness routine.

Pilates is all about targeting and activating our deep stabilising muscles. You can expect to work and feel muscles you didn’t know you had as well as build a great foundational base for your other strength training.

Lower & Upper Sculpt

Sculpt is all about working the key muscle groups including chest, arms, quads and hips. Utilising barbells, kettlebells and med balls to build greater strength.

Barbell Foundations

Barbell foundations is ideal for anyone looking to introduce barbell lifts into their training. This session focuses on technique and form in the barbell squat, benchpress and deadlift.

Cardio Blaster

Cardio blaster is all about getting the heart rate up with high intensity intervals and short rest breaks. Guaranteed to burn some calories!

Over 50s

Our over 50’s sessions align with our early morning session styles while giving a safe and comfortable training space for those over 50. It includes variations and tempo changes in each session.

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